When was the last night you had a good sleep?

How wonderful does it feel to wake up every morning well rested, bursting with energy, ready to take on whatever the day brings? It feels fantastic, doesn't it? Sorry. What was that you said? "Yeah right!"

Sadly, over 75% of Australians regularly experience less than ideal sleep. Tossing and turning, partner disturbance, snoring, waking during the night - well you know how it works, right? Ever wondered what might be causing these issues?

We did too and set about finding the best solutions. Ortho-tex has a few ideas on how to give you back your 8 hours blissful each night. It's our mission to educate all willing listeners on how to get your happy lifestyle back because, YOU deserve the best sleep possible.

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Who is Ortho-tex?

Ortho-tex is an Australian business dedicated to good, quality sleep for everyone, every night, for the rest of your life. You may have seen one of our posters in your health professional's consult room. Yes, the way we go about is different - and that's because each one of us is different. Ortho-tex is a team of professional and qualified people who are 100% dedicated to giving you the sleep you deserve. You can see us all two pages on. Hello!